The Popular Genres of Music Topping Charts Worldwide

Posted on February 22nd, 2015 by admin in Genres Music Resources

There are many genres of music around the world. Some of which, are more popular than others. These different genres differ in many ways from style, tempo, song-writing format, and beat. Everybody around the world listens to music from these different genres, but some are more preferred over others.


This genre has been around for quite a while. Pop music is very popular around the entire world. This music genre is usually involved with mid to high tempo beats. Lyrics to pop genre songs are wrote with repetitive and catchy hooks. This is what catches the listener’s ears when listening.


Rock is a genre of music that has plenty of history in its past. Rock is extremely popular amongst most regions of the world. This genre usually refers to guitars and live drums. Lyrics to this genre can be very bold and appealing. The tempo of rock songs can range from slow to fast.


Hip-hop is very popular among the urban community. This genre of music has quite interesting history and came about by artist and writers writing down rhymes. The hip-hop genre can relate to other types of genres as this is a branch off of other popular genres. The beats can be very interesting and attention-getting. Songwriting formats for this genre can vary in many different styles. The tempo of this genre involves mid to high pace songs and beats.


R&B is a very popular genre over the whole world. This genre usually refers to its slow tempos and thoughtful insights the songwriter expresses in the song. R&B songs can range from sad emotions to very happy emotions thought out into a song.

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